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Myranmar Miners Unearth 175-Ton Chunk of Jade Valued at $170 Million

It has taken some time to fully unearth it, but a chunk of jade valued at $170,000 has been discovered in Myanmar (formerly Burma). It was recently photographed in the pit where it was unearthed, alongside 14 miners who worked at chiseling away the outer rock that surrounds the jade. The final 175-ton piece, discovered

Corum Unveils Admiral’s Cup Legend Watches for Women

First unveiled to the world in 1960, the Corum Admiral’s Cup watch collection was an immediate hit. With nautical pennants gracing the dial, the sailing-inspired timepiece has become a legend in its own right. That may be why the brand chose to unveil the new Admiral’s Cup Legend collection — with updated styles perfect for women. The new Corum