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5 Top Fashion Designer Watches For Under $300 That Ladies Need Now

5 Top Fashion Designer Watches For Under $300 That Ladies Need Now

While we are all about luxury, we know that today’s millennials an up-and-comer shoppers don’t have tens of thousands to plunk down on a watch — yet. But they do have fashion sense and style icons and it is never a bad idea to think about wearing a watch to accessorize your wardrobe. That said, ladies, we bring you five top affordable (under $300) watches that most likely will have you swiping your card.

Three Top High Jewelry Watches from Jaeger-LeCoultre

Love a little luxury and indulgence? Look no further than your wrist — if you don one of these spectacular high-jeweled watches from Jaeger-LeCoultre that were unveiled this year. From a secret watch to a diamond adorned Reverso One — you won’t want to miss these beauties, especially for New Year’s Eve.

Meet the Stunning My Precious Time Secret Watch by Harry Winston

Recently on our Watch of the Week Column on, we talked about Harry Winston and its famed reputation as the King of Diamonds. Here, we bring you that article and a look at one prime example of how Harry Winston deftly blends high jewelry and watchmaking in a new secret brooch watch set with more than 12 carats of diamonds.

Myranmar Miners Unearth 175-Ton Chunk of Jade Valued at $170 Million

It has taken some time to fully unearth it, but a chunk of jade valued at $170,000 has been discovered in Myanmar (formerly Burma). It was recently photographed in the pit where it was unearthed, alongside 14 miners who worked at chiseling away the outer rock that surrounds the jade. The final 175-ton piece, discovered