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WP Diamonds Releases Five Top Engagement Ring Trends For 2019

Andrew Brown, president of WP Diamonds, an online purchaser of fine jewelry and diamonds. offers his predictions for diamond engagement ring trends for 2019. Women, check this out so you are in the know. Men — pay attention, too, if you want to give the person of your dreams the right diamond look.

Ovals: Ovals truly are standing the test of time. This elegant diamond cut has topped the list so many times over the decades, set both vertically and horizontally, and with its big comeback in 2018, it continues to shine for the upcoming year.

Oval diamonds

Oval diamonds

Asymmetric Rings: Fine jewelry has seen a surge in more forward elements like asymmetrical designs, organically shaped stones and a play between delicate and bold…engagement rings will be no different. Emily Ratajkowski’s double stone (pear and emerald cut) engagement ring is just one of the many pieces paving the way for beautifully individual diamond rings.

Eden Asymmetrical engagement ring.


Vintage Inspired: Everything old is new again.  With 2019 pulling style inspiration from such a vast range of decades, diamonds will feel the references as well.  Intricate settings and colored gemstones inspired by the Art Deco era will be amongst the most prevalent.

Estate diamond art deco engagement ring.


Cushion Cut: The famed cushion cut has been a favorite since its introduction but, thanks to Priyanka Chopra’s perfect 4ct cushion cut Tiffany diamond ring that continues to break the internet, we expect to see the cut now more than ever before.

Cushion-cut diamonds

 Pink Everything: Anyone looking for a unqiue, alternative engagement ring in 2019 will most likely opt for a colored stone, especially pink.  Lady Gaga set a precedent this year with a her 6 carat pink sapphire ring, followed shortly by a pink stunner given to Katy Perry by Orlando Bloom.  With endless options in this category in both style and price point, pink center stones and other colored engagement rings will make major waves this year.
121ct-Natural-Fancy-Pink-Diamond-Engagement-Ring-GIA-18K-White-Gold-Cushion-264051643691 (1).jpeg

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