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Experience the Beauty of Vacheron Constantin Watches and the Ballerina Series

Experience the Beauty of Vacheron Constantin Watches and the Ballerina Series

By Samantha Walsh For those with a passion for the arts, Vacheron Constantin’s new additions will be right up your ally, as these stunning Hommage a l’Art da Danse watches combine the elegance of ballet, the beauty of enameling, and the technic prowess of watchmaking. Inspired by the life of a ballerina, these three unique watches bring a new flair to the brand’s much-loved Métiers d’Arts collection. Vacheron Constantin — the oldest Swiss watch brand in continual operation — has been a patron of the Opera National de Paris since 2007 and with each on-going cultural and musical event, the brand continually evolves. Now, it has developed this series of three watches in honor of the ballerina. The face each watch is created by an enamel artist who drew inspiration from a few of Degas’ paintings. These paintings represent various highlights in the life of a ballerina. One of the wristwatches depicts two elegant ballerinas at dance school, which was drawn from Degas’s Dancers Practicing at the Barre, dated 1877 and on show in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, USA). Another of the pieces depicts the training aspect in a dancer’s life, backstage of a dress rehearsal drawn from Degas’s Dancers near a Set, dated 1888, and belonging to a private collection. The last exquisite piece depicts the performance – the pinnacle of a ballerina’s life drawn from Two Dancers Entering the Stage, painted circa 1877-1878 and exhibited at the Fogg Art Museum (Cambridge, USA). These beautiful pieces of art are framed by a 40 mm 18-karat white gold case. This entirely hand crafted piece required not only meticulous detail and care in the making, but also hundreds of hours of undivided attention. Thus, each is created as a unique...
Vacheron Constantin Watches:  Lady Kalla Secret Watch (original Pics, prices)

Vacheron Constantin Watches: Lady Kalla Secret Watch (original Pics, prices)

Easily one of the most beautiful and alluring category of women’s watches on the market, secret watches have roots that are centuries old. Essentially, a secret watch is a timepiece that has a cover over the dial that can be flipped open or moved aside to reveal the dial and the watch time. Today, secret watches are all about the elegance and beauty – enabling women to wear works of art on the wrist. Vacheron Constantin, a brand with more than 250 years of history, has been making secret watches since its inception. One of the more recent introduction is the Lady Kalla Haute Couture à Pampilles watch. This stunning timepiece  is crafted using 34.64 carats of diamonds meticulously set to form a floral-inspired masterpiece on the wrist. The brand even utilizes the special  flame-cut diamonds that are unique to Vacheron Constantin in the watch world. Because secret watches have hinged covers that slide aside or open, they are not at all easy to create. The mechanics of the case and cover are complex, and so watch brands opt to parallel the technology with equal parts of beauty and elegance. It should be noted that because these watches are typically quite elaborate in design, they often command hundreds of hours of diamond or gem setting or enamel painting. As such they usually are made in limited numbers and can command top dollar for the result. In the case of the Vacheron Constantin Lady Kalla Haute Couture a Pampilles watch, which houses a tiny manually wound movement, just one will be created per year. It retails for...