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Meet the Philip Stein “Feel Good” Classic Watch for Women with Natural Frequency Technology

Philip Stein Classic watch

Philip Stein Classic watch

Meet the Philip Stein Classic Collection two-tone timepiece that offers grace, elegance, affordability and a feel-good factor. The watch  has the brand’s Natural Frequency Technology (NFT) –unveiled to the world 13 years ago – built into it.

The concept behind NFT is that everything (including people) works best when exposed to natural frequencies. The metal disk supposedly acts as an antenna, and collects and harvests natural frequencies (between 0.2 and 32.5 Hertz) from the earth and then channels them to the wearer’s body.

The watch has the brand's Natural Frequency Technology built in.

The watch has the brand’s Natural Frequency Technology built in.

That, coupled with the good looks of the watch, make it an interesting find.  It is crafted in  stainless steel and yellow gold plate and the dial is two-tiered for depth and dimension.  The center of the dial features an elegant sunray guilloche pattern and at 6:00, there is a subsidiary dial to indicate the seconds. Adding to the versatility of the watch is the fact that the bracelet is interchangeable and can be fitted with a host of different colored and textured straps. It retails for $800.

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