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Buying a Watch for the Man in Your Life? Bracelet Watches Offer Bang for your Buck

Black Friday is around the corner. Anyone thinking of buying watch for the man in your life? If so, one of the choices you will need to make will be whether to get a watch on a leather or rubbers strap or on a bracelet. Metal bracelets have certain advantages that you may want to consider.


Milanese Mesh bracelets are supple and comfortable

Metal bracelets generally are:

  • Capable of withstanding water
  • Capable of withstanding wear and tear
  • Capable of withstanding temperature extremes
  • Can be adjusted
  • Can be (depending on the material used) hypo-allergenic
  • Are highly durable and long lasting
  • Often more comfortable in hot weather (where strap watches can get clammy or sticky on the wrist)

The challenges in creating a good metal bracelet include offering comfort, security, appropriate weight and strength. Therefore, most watch brands that utilize metal bracelets regularly test them for strength and security – and consider the type of clasp to be important. Generally, because a watch bracelet is made of hundreds of links and screws or pins, they undergo stringent testing.

Metal watch bracelets are hand assembled.

Metal watch bracelets are hand assembled.

Steel bracelets are most common, but lighter weight titanium bracelets often accompany a good sports watch. Noble metals such as rose or white gold also make lovely bracelets – but are a bit more easily scratchable. The newest trend in both dress and aviation type sport watches: Milanese mesh bracelets, wherein the metal links are typically round and close together to offer a fabric-like appeal that mimes chain maille of the past. Before buying a watch as a gift, consider what the hobbies are of the man in your life and what his individual preference may be. But keep in mind that the bracelet version of a watch will cost a bit more than the strap version.

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