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Ellagem Makes Pearls Sexy — These are NOT Your Grandmother’s Baubles

Ellagem pearls

Ellagem is a jewelry brand that stands out above most others when it comes to creating scintillating designs with gemstones and pearls.


In fact, Ella Gafter, founder of the eponymous brand, brings a refreshing perspective to classic elegance.   Utilizing only the finest gems – perfectly cut, lusciously rich in color and exquisitely set – Ella Gafter brings haute joaillerie to new heights. Every masterpiece she turns out is of regal stature – emulating the most magnificent gems worn by royalty for centuries.

Gafter began her jewelry career more than 30 years ago, setting up shop in the heart of traditional Italian jewelry-making country. Ellagem has since regularly turned out masterpieces for today based on traditions of yesterday.

While she works wonders with gemstones — often inspired by nature’s beauty — her pearls will make you sit up and take notice. Each look is unique and immediately identifiable as hers because of its exceptional craftsmanship, regal sophistication and exciting freshness.

Gafter spends her time traveling between the workshops in Italy and the company’s headquarters in New York. Additionally, she and her daughter Talila – who pretty much runs the business affairs – regularly scour the world for the  finest South Sea and Tahitian pearls and  the most breathtaking gemstones.

Ella gem jewels (Photo: Peter D. Brown, styling by Carlton Jones, for WBM)

Ella gem jewels (Photo: Peter D. Brown, styling by Carlton Jones, for WBM)

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    Stupendous! Always beautifully written and put together!!


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