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Introducing Christophe Claret’s Marguerite Watch

Christophe Claret Marguerite with "flake"diamond setting

Christophe Claret Marguerite with “flake”diamond setting

Today on, we broke the story about the newest mechanical watch for women from independent watchmaker, Christophe Claret. Called Marguerite, the watch is inspired by the brand’s first women’s watch — Margot– unveiled last year (read more about that watch here).

Similar to the Margot, the dial of the Marguerite watch features a center daisy with white lacquered petals that overlap much like a real daisy. Two delicate butterflies – extended from the center of the daisy – also grace the dial. A darker one (symbolizing the woman) perches atop a petal, while the second one (the male) stretches further out beyond the petals and looks to be in flight.

The mechanical Marguerite movement consists of 245 parts.

The mechanical Marguerite movement consists of 245 parts.

What makes these butterflies so special is the fact that they serve the all-important function of tracking time.  The shorter open-winged butterfly on the petal indicates the hour. Every 60 minutes, the petals rotate around the dial so that the butterfly moves to indicate the time. The butterfly in flight – on a longer filament – moves every 60 seconds, to indicate the minutes in graceful beauty as it flutters around the white mother-of-pearl dial.

You can read all the details of this masterpiece — technical, visual and artistic — in the complete article on our column, Perfect Timing, on



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